On Writing Well

On Writing Well

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William Zinsser
Published: 1976
ISBN: 9780060891541

On Writing Well was recommended to me by John Graham-Cumming, the CTO of Cloudflare. His advice was that anyone writing on the Cloudflare blog should read it, he even went as far as to buy the book for interested individuals.

While the book has been around since 1976, the key takeaways of the book still apply:

  1. Clarity

  2. Brevity

  3. Humanity

  4. Simplicity This translates to: get rid of clutter, don't use expensive words like 'utilise' when you can use words like 'use', there is always room for humour but time it well, rewrite rewrite rewrite…

If you write for your job in any fashion - which most people with an office job do - you should read this book.