Simon Wijckmans

  • Customer Focussed
  • Technical
  • Detail Oriented
  • Empathic

Highly motivated, curious and energetic person hunting for impact and going the extra mile for customer and business success. I LOVE building stuff! My goal is to achieve ethical impact on a global scale by enabling customers with powerful solutions implemented for maximum impact. This means cybersecurity (achieving compliance, allowing to land a big enterprise deal), improved developer experience. Wearing multiple hats is my default way of work.



Building something new.
Product Lead
London, United Kingdom - Remote
First PM at a YC startup of 7 people. Working to expand the usability of Postgres, allowing analytical and transactional data to be stored in a single database by offering columnar storage on Postgres. Making Postgres the full stack database. Hydra is a high energy do it all startup environment. Any role is broad.
  • Build stuff, mature the product, achieve PMF
    • Product launches and launch weeks
    • Collecting feedback
    • Scoping projects
    • Manage and build project teams of contractors to ship features (introducing my own team of contractors to unblock projects)
Senior Product Manager - Enterprise
London, United Kingdom - Remote
Multi product PM role. Advocating for the needs of enterprise customers and growing customers. Improving enterprise viability of products. From more advanced compliance needs to expanding business internationally and address local regulatory needs. A deeply technical yet do it all PM role. From establishing and managing partnerships, meeting customers daily, building dashboards to shaping the long term strategic business plan.
  • Identity and Access management
    • Role based access
    • Audit logs
    • Activity tab
    • Protecting previews
    • Much more to come...
  • Secure Connectivity
    • Dedicated IPs for backend Connectivity
    • VPN based backend connectivity
    • Regionalised builds
  • Security products
    • Built the security eng team
    • The first firewall and rules engine
    • MVP bot detection
Product Manager - Page Shield
London, United Kingdom - Remote
Page Shield detects, alerts and mitigates security concerns in 3rd party JavaScripts. Making it easy for Cloudflare customers to achieve compliance with the latest spec of PCI DSS. As the PM for this product I was overseeing the development, strategy, and lifecycle of the Page Shield product, a solution designed to protect web applications from client-side attacks
  • Road-map development
  • Product development
  • Go to market strategies
  • Building dashboards and internal tools
  • Data analysis
  • Documentation
  • Design
Subject Matter Expert - Bot Management
London, United Kingdom - Remote
Building bridges between the product team and amazingly solution engineering organization. Acting as serves as the go-to expert for the company's bot detection and mitigation solutions. Gathering customer feedback, assisting with customer escalations, assist in road-map conversations with customers…
  • Customer escalations
  • Sales enablement
  • Customer feedback
  • Roadmap discussions
  • Field marketing & presentations at events
Solution Engineer - Benelux, Nordics, Middle East
London, United Kingdom
A Solution Engineer at Cloudflare serves as the technical liaison between the company and its customers, ensuring smooth service delivery and customer satisfaction. Working closely with clients to understand their needs, troubleshoot issues, and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Providing expert-level technical support, guidance, and solutions to customers using Cloudflare's products and services
  • Assisting customers in deploying and integrating Cloudflare services into their infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues related to Cloudflare's products, such as CDN, DNS, SSL, DDoS protection, and Web Application Firewall.
  • Collaborating with internal teams, including sales, engineering, and product management, to ensure seamless customer experiences.
  • Developing and maintaining technical documentation, best practices, and knowledge base articles.
  • Continuously staying up-to-date with Cloudflare's product offerings and industry trends to provide accurate and timely support.
Apps&Infra Cloud Solution Sales
Brussels, Belgium
Driving the sales of Azure's application and infrastructure cloud solutions to customers. They help organizations leverage Azure's offerings to meet their business needs, streamline operations, and achieve their cloud goals. Azure is the cloud provider of choice for compliance sensitive companies allowing them to meet and maintain regulatory requirements when moving to the cloud.
  • Executing sales strategies to target customers and increase Azure market share.
  • Building strong relationships with customers and identifying suitable Azure solutions.
  • Collaborating with internal teams for comprehensive sales support.
  • Delivering presentations and demos to showcase Azure's capabilities.
  • Staying current with industry trends and Azure product offerings.
  • Navigating sales cycles, negotiating contracts, and closing deals.
  • Providing feedback for product improvements based on customer insights.
BELUX Azure Sales
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Identifying potential customers and expanding Azure's market share.
  • Building strong relationships with clients and providing tailored Azure solutions.
  • Collaborating with internal teams for a seamless sales process.
  • Delivering presentations and demos to showcase Azure's capabilities.
  • Staying current with industry trends and Azure product offerings.
  • Navigating sales cycles, negotiating contracts, and closing deals.
Product Specialist Microsoft Surface - contractor
Brussels, Belgium
Promoting and selling Azure cloud services to customers, helping them adopt and leverage Microsoft's cloud offerings to meet their business needs and drive digital transformation. All while learning about the customer needs and areas of friction a customer can face when adopting cloud services (great PM learning!).
  • Identifying and targeting potential customers and opportunities to expand Azure's market share.
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, understanding their business requirements, and providing tailored Azure solutions to address their needs.
  • Collaborating with internal teams, such as technical specialists, solution architects, and customer success managers, to ensure a seamless and comprehensive sales process.
  • Delivering presentations and product demonstrations to showcase Azure's capabilities and value proposition to prospective customers.
  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends, competitive landscape, and the latest Azure product offerings to effectively position and sell the solutions in the market.
  • Navigating complex sales cycles, negotiating contracts, and closing deals to meet or exceed sales targets.

Side projects

London, United Kingdom - Remote
Together with my friend and co-founder Alistair, organizing community events for the London Dev community. From distributed infra to TypeScript. Bringing together the community to share knowledge and learn from each other on a broad list of topics. And all of this for free... I care about making knowledge and a supportive network of people accessible to all. I also speak at events on various subject like education, 2023 simplicity of AI, JS security...
  • Finding topics and speakers
  • Fundraise
  • Plan everything: food, drinks, locations, planning, swag, awards, prizes...
London, United Kingdom - Remote
Jo sits in your browser and warns you about unethical businesses. This way Jo helps you to make informed business choices on the internet. You can define what kind of practices you want Jo to warn you about. You can also contribute by sharing your knowledge about unethical or positive activities.
  • Scope the project
  • Bootstrap
  • Build the team
  • Raise the funds
  • Marketing/user acquisition
All while doing my day job at Cloudflare.


Founder, Teacher, Student
I wrote a lot about this subject on Builderbook. TLDR: I grew up in Belgium. The schools did not provide me with access to topics I cared about - most notably: technology, engineering and business. There was a loophole, which I went ahead and used. I built a team to teach me the required knowledge for my degree and built my own model for important subjects - like CS, economics, law - not included in the curriculum. I have an A-class degree but most importantly I programmed myself to pursue a life of continuous learning. Doing research, digging deep, trying new things. Not waiting for others to tell me what to learn and how to learn it, instead looking for the materials and subjects myself.
  • Build the team
  • Make the planning
  • Prepare for exams
  • Research subjects



I like writing code, I like prototyping, I like going hands on when appropriate, I like building side projects. Therefore I like sharing the technologies I enjoy building with. Modern devex makes hard things easy and fun. This is the stack I use regularly.

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